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new workshop for 2017

An Improbability of Puffins…

Atlantic puffins are irresistible characters! these clowns of the sea spend 8 months alone in the water but are a social bunch when on land. In this workshop we will be using bonded appliqué, pointillism and stitch to create a colourful colony.
My wallhanging includes 4 puffins but you could make a whole flock if you like!

If you chose the one day version of this workshop we will be making the “top” by  piecing, bonded appliqué and pointillism …

if you prefer the 2 day version we will cover all of the above, as well as the free motion quilting I have used to make an improbability of puffins and their sea side home.



I’m happy to come to your group or meeting and do a Trunk Show/talk about my work.

I also deliver PowerPoint/Keynote presentations on several subjects…

*Exhibitions and exhibiting- preparing you and your work for exhibition, my exhibition experiences and images of the latest exhibitions I have attended.

*Creating with Sketchbooks- how to develop your ideas from thought to textile art using your sketchbook.

* Exploring Legends and Stories-from the spoken word  to finished quilt.

and a virtual show of my own work when I can’t bring everything to where ever you are!

Please contact me for more information and pricing.


one day workshops

Elements of Design study day

This is a concentrated introduction to a subject that can occupy a life time! We are going to spend the day investigating and getting to know a little about the 5 elements of design. We’ll then connect them to your personal sources of inspiration and explore some of the many options in applying them.
(This is an “art day” there is no fabric involved!)


Notan is a Japanese word that means “lightness-darkness.” It represents one of the basic principles that help make effective, powerful compositions. Notan has nothing to do with colour. It’s the ability to see things in terms of black and white, and to build strength in your design. When compositions work in black and white–they work in every aspect.

(This is an “art day” there is no fabric involved!)

Textile Illustration

Think you can’t draw? Following these easy steps you can turn your images into drawings on fabric and make any project truly personal. This one day workshop will show you how to create your own designs from images and includes simple pen and ink technique, a bit of colour where required and all the ideas you’ll need to create your own projects. You can add your own drawings or one of Catherine’s designs to quilts, bags, and anything you create with fabric!


Paper and Stitch
Working with paper offers the chance to use a diverse range of materials, it really is the best of mixed media! Painting, printing, and embellishing are all possible to personalize your paper choices and of course nothing is as personal as your own photos! We will use collage techniques and embellish with a range of hand stitch and small treasures to create a precious memento. This technique is ideal for marking special occasions of your own or as gifts for others. A bookmark or greeting card can be worked quickly but this technique will adapt to create pieces as large as you would like! Stunning paper quilts using both hand and machine stitch can be any size.


Thread to Dye for
This is your chance to get just the right colour thread for that special project! Or a range of coloured thread for embroidery, quilting or anything else you use thread for. In this one day workshop we will be exploring multicoloured and shaded dyeing techniques, saturated solid colours and how to blend the perfect colour match.
Students will explore a few simple colour “rules”, some basic dyeing information and guidelines and then get right into hands-on dyeing. We will explore dyeing intuitively using low water immersion techniques. All dyes and supplies will be provided for this workshop. There will be a lab fee for this course.


The Kantha stitch

Kantha is an ancient art form born of practicality, a combination of thrift and aesthetics. Discarded fabric, old clothing, worn sari or whatever could be found were layered and stitched together. The stitch patterns create geometric designs, flowers, animals and scenes from rural life. In this workshop you will gain an understanding of the history of these pieces, view Catherine’s personal collection, learn the simple stitches required and then take needle in hand to create your own design.


Colour Confidence

How does colour work? what makes colour “move”? In this one day class you will learn a few simple colour guidelines, experiment with possible colour combinations and explore the “what-if’s” of colour. A day spent working with colour will give you the confidence to select and use fabric or mixed media in a whole new way and maybe even find that perfect colour combination!


The Magic of Indigo

Discover the magic of indigo dyeing as your fabrics change before your eyes from acid lime to indigo blue. Experiment with various Shibori and resist techniques to create patterns and produce one off fabrics.All dyes and supplies will be provided for this workshop. This course requires a suitable “wet” location and there will be a lab fee for this course.


Forest Landscape

The work of British Columbia artist Emily Carr is the starting place for this workshop. This spontaneous process celebrates the Pacific Northwest coastal forest using several techniques. Curved seam piecing and free appliqué will create the high skies and forest landscape Carr is famous for, needle turn or bonded appliqué will add the details. Your piece can be as vast as the coastal forest or a small grove of trees.

Free Motion Quilting….
In this one day workshop you will learn all the in’s and out’s of free motion quilting and attend a mini finishing school.
During the day we will aim to create 2 samples- the first will be a valuable personal resource of 9 different free motion quilting designs and the second will become a useful pouch for storing scissors, supplies or secrets!


2  and 3 day workshops…

*please note many of the 2 and 3 day workshops below can be adapted to fit 2, 3 or 4 day schedules

Text and Textiles

In this workshop we will be exploring the wonderful ways you can use text in your work. Students will be asked to bring a favourite quote, poem, saying, verse or even a letter… those words and the images they bring to mind will be the inspiration for a completed textile design.
We will get started by sampling techniques -pen and ink, painting, printing, bonding and working with stencils as ways to add text to fabric. Then working from your own source of inspiration you will create designs for a quilt, embroidery or surface design using those techniques and many others.


Snow White Bird

This 2 day workshop is inspired by the many creation stories featuring Raven in a starring role. We will take a look at Pacific Northwest symbols, art forms and legends. Using several creation stories as a starting place we will explore a few of my favourite ways to include those stories in your work using print, stencil and stitch. After creating your own background, the motif will be bonded and free machine stitched in place. Your Raven will need a place to perch – maybe a tree or a shell or any other place the legends lead you!


Great Blue Heron

In the Pacific Northwest Great Blue Heron is known for his steadfast nature, his slow gait on land and air and his exceptional patience, this 2 day workshop celebrates this beautiful bird with the dagger like beak. Using First Nation legends of Herons adventures as a source of inspiration we will explore my favourite ways to share those stories, using stencil, bonded appliqué, stitch and free motion quilting. Your heron will need a place to stand, at the water’s edge or possibly knee-deep in grass, it can be wherever the legends take you.

To Make an Owl….
There are many stories about owl’s wisdom, but did you know know Owl was not always such a wise bird? The Pacific Northwest legend that inspired this piece explains owls body shape, colour and even why he only comes out at night. My owl is perched on a fence post but your owl might be on a tree branch, deep in the forest.
A one day workshop uses bonded appliqué and careful use of fabric to make the quilt top or the class can be two days and include free motion quilting. 4 day workshops

*please note many of the 4 day workshops below can be adapted to fit 2, 3 or 4 day schedules

Exploring the Natural World
Using the natural world as our source of inspiration we will experiment on fabric to re-create and interpret nature’s wide range of textures and colours. For the first 2 days we will explore the use of ink, paint, crayon and discharge in a variety of techniques creating samples and generating ideas. Students will then be guided through the process of developing their own original composition, patterns and fibre art creations.
Imagination Workshop… a 4 day crash course in creativity
It’s time to find out those images you have tucked away- you know the ones! They are beautiful images of an inspiring subject and you have always wanted to do “something” with them- well, now’s the time! This 4 day workshop will show you how to develop your own designs from images or sources of information. Each day will begin with creativity exercises to get those ideas flowing!
Day one and two will include a series of activities that explore the elements of design and how they apply to your images. Then students will begin creating their own designs, patterns and fibre art masterpieces inspired by those images. Students can choose to create multiple designs and spend their days with art products or move their designs to fabric.

imprints ….
In this 3 day workshop we will explore several methods of “spontaneous” printing. For the first two days we will be focusing on mono prints, stamping and printing with plant materials. We will use mono printing to create quick expressive marks on both paper and fabric and use plant materials for direct printing and resist. Design activities will lead to simple shapes suitable for creating your own unique print blocks both carved and collaged. We will also be using plant material to “ imprint” colour on paper and fabric- a technique commonly known as eco-printing. Using thickened dyes and water based paints will give us a collection of themed prints on both fabric and paper.
Day three will find us sorting through our printed creations, exploring design possibilities and different ways to use the prints you have created. If we have time-we are going to use our printed papers and some simple bookmaking techniques to create a one of a kind notebook .

There will be a lab fee for this course.


Form, Function and beauty
Buildings ancient or modern, fences, gates, towers, tiles, furniture and all the other useful creations of human kind are our inspiration for this workshop.
We will start by creating prints on fabric using thickened dye and paints. Students will then be guided through the process of developing their own designs inspired by manmade structures. Mono-prints, screen prints, carved block prints and prints made with found objects will be the raw materials for composing exciting textile pieces. Whole cloth, cut-up as feature fabric or inspiring an original composition- your prints will be used to produce unique textile masterpieces.

*All dyes and paints can be provided for these workshops for a lab fee.


Please contact me for further information and pricing




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