Merry Christmas…


Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas and a happy healthy creative 2018.

Best Wishes, Catherine x


in ruins..

……it’s opening night on Wednesday…hope you can come!!

IN RUINS InstagramBye for now, Catherine


another opening….

Canadiana Dreaming opened this weekend in Fort St. John, B.C. It’s strange for me to send my work for a show but not participate in the hanging or attend the opening. Being the slightly obsessed type A-control freak I am, I usually like to have my hands ( and nose!) involved.

Elizabeth Harris Poster_LoRES

Elizabeth Harris worked with the curator at Peace Gallery North to hang the show and judging from the images they’ve sent, it’s amazing! I always love exhibiting  with artists who work in other media and this show is no exception.


The themed groupings of textile, ceramic and photography are wonderful! It’s a bit spooky when none of us consulted the others about what we were working on. Whats the old saying….”great minds think alike” or is it “fools seldom differ?”

Or maybe it’s the iconic “Canadiana” imagery that’s imbedded in all of us!


If you’re in the neighbourhood  (it is a bit “out-of-town”) do stop by and have a look. Curtis and Ally’s photography is wonderful and really captures the feel of our country.


Elizabeth’s work is, as always, truly unique and powerful.


Bye for now, Catherine

P.S.- While  Elizabeth was hanging and opening the show I was enjoying a little extra time…..




textures of land and sea….

is open! We celebrated the opening on Thursday night last week , many many thanks to all of you who made it out to join us.

Ned and I headed over to the big city on Wednesday morning to help out with the set-up, he makes a terrific back-seat ( way back!) driver.


We had a little fun, hammered a few nails …. and took loads of photo’s of the set-up! But it always looks better with the labels up, a bit of a clean up and some flowers on the table tops.


Just beside the front entrance….front and back….and along the window wall ….


it’s a smallish space but we managed to get a lot in! Anni’s and Julie’s pieces are on the plinths and Kaija, Michelle and I covered the walls.


Kaija’s beautiful piece hanging above some of Anni’s ethereal nests.


Michelle’s stunning work  and Julie’s delicate knitted pieces.


and my wall-hanging with one of Anni’s nests and 2 of Julie’s amazing woven baskets.


The show is on at Circle Craft Gallery 1666 Johnston Street, Granville Island Vancouver through June 4th. Hope you can see it in person!

Bye for now, Catherine

opening night!

Last blog post ( oh, so long ago!) I mentioned I wasn’t sure where January had gone- now I’m looking for February and a bit of March as well. Maybe it’s a function of aging that time goes by quicker? or maybe it’s just getting happily lost in “making”.

Either way, all of a sudden it’s opening night tomorrow ..

PDA_Mar-Apr, 2017 Evite.jpg

Hope you can make it!

Bye for now, Catherine


getting going….

I’m not quite sure where January disappeared to..last time I looked it was New Years and I had all month in front of me to hibernate. I feel like I’m waking up from a long winters nap.

I have been doing a few things…the latest quilt in my bird series is done. It’s puffins this time and they have already made the flight to the UK in preparation for their debut in April at the Bramble Patch.


I had a lot of fun with this one,  I usually just feature one bird in a piece but couldn’t resist an “improbability of puffins”.

I’ve done a little ice dyeing  and had some interesting results. There was more than enough frozen “supplies” in the early part of the month! I like some of them…some not so much.



and I’ve been getting samples and information ready for the Mettler Play Days coming in the spring ..this year we are Branching Out and working with loads of colour .


I’ve been walking on the beach..a lot!  in all kinds of weather – the next 2 images are taken at the same spot on two very different days, both beautiful in their own way.


Those shiny grey blobs in the image below are otters! they didn’t get much closer to Ned and I so it’s not the best picture  but it’s so nice to see them rolling around in the surf. I end up sitting on the rocks and watching for ages.


I’ve been finding some wonderful sea glass treasures as well.


and of course we’ve been doing some hibernating, all that walking on the beach can be exhausting.


Bye for now, Catherine ( and Ned)

Happy New Year

So much has happened this year….some good and some not so much, some exciting and some just plain scary.

I’m looking ahead, setting out my “intentions” and hopes for the next year with my fingers crossed for a peaceful and creative  2017.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year, Catherine and Ned


it’s finished!

whew! that took a bit….actually, it didn’t take that long time wise but I’ve been like a kid waiting for Christmas …it just couldn’t  happen fast enough.

My new studio is finished! we’ve gone from this…..img_3726

to this….


then this….


and a little of this…

and now it looks like this!!!


I’ve had the most amazing help getting all this together and thankfully there’s been lots of this along the way.


It’s good to be home.

Bye for now, Catherine ( and Ned)