happy holidays….

Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy creative 2020!




openings and open studios

bro*ken is up and open and it’s been so nice to hear from those of you who have made it to the show at FibreWorks Gallery . We had a wonderful time at the opening , many thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.

If you would like to know a little more about our thoughts and ideas behind the show, Ric Jespersen from the Coast Reporter wrote a wonderful article -you can read it here

Just in case you can’t make it here’s a few shots from the show….


The show is open till the 11th of November a perfect stop while you’re out on the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl! Make sure to stop by my place on your way…. were #64 in the map guide.

Bye for now, Catherine




no…. not me or Ned, it’s the title Elizabeth Harris and I chose for our new exhibition that’s opening on Saturday.

Hope you can make it.

It’s been full on getting ready for the opening the last little while, but there has been a bit of distraction, Neds knee is much improved and we managed a walk to the Skookumchuck Narrows . We got there just as the tide was turning and it was very dramatic!

It’s good to know he has my back! drool and all.

Bye for now, Catherine

input and output

I’ve been absent from social media for awhile…4 months actually! which seems a very long time when I type it. But to completely mangle the words of Peter Frampton…”it’s not creative block, it’s just input. Sometimes there’s output and sometimes there’s input…the trick is to not get too worried or excited about either.” I’m calling the last 4 months creative input.

It hasn’t been all deep introspection and swanning around in long flowing garments – actually there’s been little deep introspection (or long flowing garments for that matter) just the regular day to day stuff of life…and a few extra things.

Ned had knee surgery 8 weeks ago now, thankfully not a full cruciate surgery, but enough to test my nursing skills. He’s getting better and better and almost back to normal …he can be off leash but still no ball chasing and absolutely no jumping into the car. We have a very fancy extendable ramp now. He did get a very bad hair cut from Dr.Jesse which is growing back slowly, thankfully!

Ned’s knee means I’ve been home for the last while, and when I’m not “nursing” or waiting on himself hand and paw, I’ve been stitching. Though the patient is not impressed when the attention shifts to anything but him!

I did have an entry in the Cherry Blossom: Textile Translation exhibition earlier this spring and I’m working on a few other things that will have to remain under wraps for awhile yet.

my cherry blossom piece in progress

and a bit of English Paper Piecing

We have had a couple of visitors while we’ve been home, the hummingbird feeder has required constant refills from the “guardian hummingbird” and his pals.

And this fellow has been hanging out in the almost-in-bloom apple tree. The birds have inspired me to get out my camera and see if I can catch them in action ….it’s tricky! you won’t believe the number of shots I take to get a good one.

Spring has arrived here and it’s so wonderful to see the fresh leaves and bright colours of new growth. Hope all is well with you wherever you are..

Bye for now, Catherine

openings, tours and baskets, oh my!

Women's Work Instagram

Women’s Work is open! The opening has been and gone but the show is up till the end of the year so there’s lots of time to see it.  Curator Angela Clark selected significant Italian works of art pertaining to women or made by women. The 15 textile artists have used the works as starting points for their own exploration and interpretation of the history of women.

IMG_7011There’s an amazing catalogue that goes with the show and tells each artists story. My page is above and here’s the whole piece at the opening. Not a great pic I know, but it was so busy I completely forgot to get out the camera.


..at the same time the Granville Island Textile Walk is on and I am really thrilled to be one of the participants. I’m number 21 on the map.


Till the end of Septmeber I’ve taken over the windows at the Cloth Shop  and there are 22 other venues all over the Island. All the work is in the windows so you can participate in the Walk anytime, day or night.




Once the Granville Island Textile Walk was hung and the Women’s Work show was opened I scooted back home to take a wonderful basket weaving course with Dawn at Brookbank Farms. I had a great time and came home with my very first ( yes, there will be more!) willow basket. It’s not perfectly round or level but I’m calling that personality!




And of course there’s always time for a walk on the beach, I love the skies this time of the year.


Bye for now, Catherine

it must be spring!

The calendar say’s it’s spring, but it really doesn’t feel very spring like today. Looking outside, I keep reminding myself of the rhyme about April showers and what the results will be….

One sure sign of spring in Vancouver is the Cherry Blossom Festival along with what is always a wonderful exhibition of blossom inspired textile art. I am one of the 26 artists participating this year and am looking forward to the opening.



Hope you can make it!

Bye for now, Catherine

another opening….

Canadiana Dreaming opened this weekend in Fort St. John, B.C. It’s strange for me to send my work for a show but not participate in the hanging or attend the opening. Being the slightly obsessed type A-control freak I am, I usually like to have my hands ( and nose!) involved.

Elizabeth Harris Poster_LoRES

Elizabeth Harris worked with the curator at Peace Gallery North to hang the show and judging from the images they’ve sent, it’s amazing! I always love exhibiting  with artists who work in other media and this show is no exception.


The themed groupings of textile, ceramic and photography are wonderful! It’s a bit spooky when none of us consulted the others about what we were working on. Whats the old saying….”great minds think alike” or is it “fools seldom differ?”

Or maybe it’s the iconic “Canadiana” imagery that’s imbedded in all of us!


If you’re in the neighbourhood  (it is a bit “out-of-town”) do stop by and have a look. Curtis and Ally’s photography is wonderful and really captures the feel of our country.


Elizabeth’s work is, as always, truly unique and powerful.


Bye for now, Catherine

P.S.- While  Elizabeth was hanging and opening the show I was enjoying a little extra time…..