catching up…again

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things you want to do… like blogging!

I have been away a long time (sorry) but only from the blog. I have been traveling around the coast of BC a bit and working a lot and fixing up my house and …enough excuses! Just regular life stuff. I am finding blogging is like most things,  it will become a habit if I make the effort. So my mid-July resolution is to be a better blogger, fingers crossed that good intentions will keep me going.

In the past month I had a chance to take a workshop with Jason Pollen, an amazing artist and inspiring teacher. We worked on lots of small samples and explored words and ideas with Jason’s guidance, a perfect 2 days.

One of my favorite activities was to create chaos, which is not usually a problem for me, but this time it was chaos in a small space rather than my usual all over the place approach.

From chaos the task was to find the opposite- whatever the opposite meant to each of us.

..and this is where I ended up for one sample,  there are more ideas, samples and drawings tucked away waiting for me when time permits.

Of course it wouldn’t be”summer” in Vancouver without a few cool damp days just to remind us of where we live. This little fellow dropped by one day in the pouring rain. Normally I have the bird feeder down and put away in the summer but he looked so sad I got it out and filled it up.

Quite gorgeous isn’t he? best I can figure he’s a Northern Flicker. He did stay awhile and pose for me, maybe a thank you for lunch?

One of the best things about traveling around the coast of BC is the amazing scenery. I took this image from the ferry on my way back home.. and just had to share it. It doesn’t look quite real.

It’s also been a sad month for me. Those of you who have read the blog previously will have met Bart, my faithful companion and studio side kick. Bart lost his battle with melanoma last month and is very missed.