I think I’ve got it!

Thanks for looking up my new blog! I have been struggling with keeping up a website and have decided to make a change. A blog seems an easier way to stay in touch and let you know what’s happening in my world….so here we go!

I have been making nests lately. I’m working in one of my  favorite techniques , pen and ink and combining it with the fabrics I created using soy wax batik methods. The fabrics were the result of a 4 day workshop with Els van Baarle at Art Quilt Tahoe ( a wonderful get away!)

On a morning walk I noticed a number of  nests in the bare trees. I guess they had been there awhile but I was just noticing them with the morning sunlight coming through the trees.  As soon as I got into the workroom I knew what to do!

It’s still work in progress but it’s coming along. I hope to show it to you soon!