fall colour

….and a very Neddie post.

I love this time of year!  beautiful crisp mornings and brightly coloured leaves against blue skies are some of my very favourite things. I must have a million images of leaves…leaves of all types and colours and every year I take more.


Ned and I have been getting to the park early enough to catch the morning light through the trees…and chase the squirrels of course!


I had a wonderful week at Sorrento Center in Sorrento earlier this month,  the one in British Columbia not the one in Italy. I was leading a workshop called Exploring the Natural World, which was a perfect subject for that beautiful place. A group of talented ladies and I explored design ideas, a lot of different techniques and had a laugh or two!


We had a great big room with loads of natural light that we filled with papers, drawings, and ideas over our time together.


I set up an eco-pot outside and everyone bundled up some leaves in a lovely silk and wool scarf . The bundles above have just come out of the pot, ready to unroll.


and here they are…the terrific scarves and their makers.

After my time in Sorrento I headed even further away from the city to do a little fishing, a perfect way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend. This is Fawn Lake…



an incredibly beautiful place.


Ned loves fishing…he spends lots of time carefully watching any ducks that paddle by, or might think of paddling  by. Thankfully he stays in the boat….so far.



I caught this fellow! a 3 pound Rainbow trout….


…and it was delicious!


Now we’re home and back to work. But there’s always time for a walk on our favourite paths.


Bye for now, Catherine