another opening….

Canadiana Dreaming opened this weekend in Fort St. John, B.C. It’s strange for me to send my work for a show but not participate in the hanging or attend the opening. Being the slightly obsessed type A-control freak I am, I usually like to have my hands ( and nose!) involved.

Elizabeth Harris Poster_LoRES

Elizabeth Harris worked with the curator at Peace Gallery North to hang the show and judging from the images they’ve sent, it’s amazing! I always love exhibiting  with artists who work in other media and this show is no exception.


The themed groupings of textile, ceramic and photography are wonderful! It’s a bit spooky when none of us consulted the others about what we were working on. Whats the old saying….”great minds think alike” or is it “fools seldom differ?”

Or maybe it’s the iconic “Canadiana” imagery that’s imbedded in all of us!


If you’re in the neighbourhood  (it is a bit “out-of-town”) do stop by and have a look. Curtis and Ally’s photography is wonderful and really captures the feel of our country.


Elizabeth’s work is, as always, truly unique and powerful.


Bye for now, Catherine

P.S.- While  Elizabeth was hanging and opening the show I was enjoying a little extra time…..