a chance to paint

…even better than a chance to paint is a chance to paint plein air and the sun is out. After a very slow start to summer the last few days have been glorious, warm summer days, everyone in the city seems to be smiling!

On Thursday evening I attended an opening at the Craft Council of British Columbia for a wonderful show of Michele Sirois-Silver’s latest work entitled Shift. Michele’s take on traditional hand hooked rugs takes the craft to a whole new place.

There were lots of people milling around the gallery and it was great to catch up with friends’ and have a close look at Michelle’s work.

It was such a lovely evening we couldn’t resist a visit to one of the eateries along the edge of the water to watch the sun set… and have a little snack!

With that great start to the weekend I finished it off with a day of painting  with Elizabeth Harris-Nichols at her farmhaus in the city. We had a great day working with her philosophies of A Painting in One day using still life as inspiration.

OK, mine isn’t completely done but that is more me than Elizabeth’s method! I can be a bit picky when it comes to the last bits of anything and there are a few little things I want to do… I think.  I like to leave a painting for a while and take another look with “fresh eyes” a bit later. That way I can see if there is anything needs changing.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Elizabeth had us all set up outside with a canopy for shade. I forgot to take my camera to record the day ( must have gotten too much sun!)  but this is my almost complete  “almost painting in one day.”

and a close up as well…thanks Elizabeth, it was so much fun!

I’m getting ready to head to the UK this week, my next post will be from there!



back to work…

All my visitors have gone home and I have managed a quick weekend away as well. The weather has taken another turn for the worst and the Okanogan valley was calling me so I loaded up the car with the dog and a change of clothes on Friday afternoon and headed out for some time away from the city and the weather!

This is the spectacular view from the deck of friends home where Bart and  I stayed for the weekend, gorgeous isn’t it!? We spent some time visiting and watching the weather across the lake. There was time for a walk to visit some of the local vineyards with some great photo opportunities!

I am glad I was the one with the camera, I was down on hands and knees to get a good angle for the seed head image above and am sure was a picture myself! thankfully there was no one around but this fellow.

And if he was laughing at me he had the good grace to do it quietly.

We made it to the first vineyard on our planned route and enjoyed a tasting trying out 4 different wines. Then on to the next… and another tasting.

It was a great afternoon walking to and through the vineyards. Though it was a bit tiring for some!

Now I must get some work done!





summer time…

Summer can be so lovely here, when the weather cooperates, and the last week has been beautiful. It must be our reward for the rotten spring !  It seems I’m not the only one who likes to be in Vancouver in the summertime I have had visitors in and out all week ( that’s my excuse for being a bad blogger!) Friends arrived from California for a short visit and my cousin and his wife are in town from the UK.  I don’t see them often but this year is an exception, as I will be heading to the UK in a few weeks.

I haven’t done much proper work in between coffee on Granville Island and lunches out  (it’s tough work but someone has to do it!) but I have joined in the Vancouver Draw Down Daily Drawing Project and am having great fun. It’s the perfect project for a busy month, you can fit in a drawing here and there and it only takes 15 minutes a day!

The Daily Drawing Project site gives two options, the first is very quick and easy the second is considered challenging. The daily challenge can be just about anything, on the 1st of July the challenge was to draw your route through the city today.

The 4th of July was draw a bike from memory, well that stated me remembering bikes, at least one in particular.

The 6th was to draw a continuous line drawing of a set of keys and the 7th was to draw the contents of your purse.

But so far my favorite draw down has been to find a pattern in nature and draw this pattern over the whole page.

Now I’m off to get a pencil and pour a glass of water for today’s challenge!


Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is Canada Day and that means community parades, fireworks, barbecues, lots of red and white everything and this year woolly hats!

On our morning walk Bart and I came across the gathering place for our communities Canada Day parade. Everyone was bustling around getting their vehicles ready and spectators were already staking out the perfect spot on the side-walk.


I was a little concerned about who , or should I say what? was moving in when I read the labels on the crates. Lots of local business participate, as do charitable organizations and police fire and almost everyone you can think of.

Despite the cool damp day there are lots of smiles and flag waving!and a great pancake breakfast in the park with real maple syrup ( of course!)

Happy Canada Day!