a chance to paint

…even better than a chance to paint is a chance to paint plein air and the sun is out. After a very slow start to summer the last few days have been glorious, warm summer days, everyone in the city seems to be smiling!

On Thursday evening I attended an opening at the Craft Council of British Columbia for a wonderful show of Michele Sirois-Silver’s latest work entitled Shift. Michele’s take on traditional hand hooked rugs takes the craft to a whole new place.

There were lots of people milling around the gallery and it was great to catch up with friends’ and have a close look at Michelle’s work.

It was such a lovely evening we couldn’t resist a visit to one of the eateries along the edge of the water to watch the sun set… and have a little snack!

With that great start to the weekend I finished it off with a day of painting  with Elizabeth Harris-Nichols at her farmhaus in the city. We had a great day working with her philosophies of A Painting in One day using still life as inspiration.

OK, mine isn’t completely done but that is more me than Elizabeth’s method! I can be a bit picky when it comes to the last bits of anything and there are a few little things I want to do… I think.  I like to leave a painting for a while and take another look with “fresh eyes” a bit later. That way I can see if there is anything needs changing.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Elizabeth had us all set up outside with a canopy for shade. I forgot to take my camera to record the day ( must have gotten too much sun!)  but this is my almost complete  “almost painting in one day.”

and a close up as well…thanks Elizabeth, it was so much fun!

I’m getting ready to head to the UK this week, my next post will be from there!




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