on the road…

It’s that time of the year again, Festival of Quilt’s that is! and that means I’m on the road and heading for Birmingham, UK.

Leaving Vancouver is a bit of a wrench this time the year the weather is finally warming up (at least it was before I left) and there are some wonderful things coming up in my garden. On an evening like this it can be hard to leave such a beautiful place, but it was good to see my ride waiting for me!

Even though it seems to take forever at the time it really isn’t that bad a trip and there were some wonderful views out the window as we approached London. Looks a bit like patchwork doesn’t it?!

After landing there’s the usual scramble with customs, luggage, trains into the city and of course the inevitable jet-lag! This is such a busy place…there is so much going on and so many people, I always feel like the “small town tourist” in London. I stepped out of the chaos for a minute in Paddington Station to catch my breath and take a look  around, what a gorgeous building. Not something I have ever said about a train station before but…it fits!

I know it looks as if the floor is tilting, it isn’t –  I was!  The roof is amazing looking in both directions .

Bye for now, Catherine




One comment

  1. Hi Catherine,
    Happy Landings— sounds like a wonderful trip The show will be a success
    for sure. Will be thinking of you. Joan

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