and again! Festival of Quilts opens tomorrow….

and for me that’s  3 openings in the last 2 month’s- whew! that’s a lot of new work.

Thanks to all of you attended the Sanctuary exhibition at the North Shore Community Arts Council, in North Vancouver. The show had a great run and lots of visitors left really kind comments. It’s wonderful to think people enjoyed seeing the work Lynn, Joan and I put together.

The next show to open was Orientation  at the Minerva Arts  in Llanidlloes Wales. Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the opening but there are lots of images on Stephenie Redferns  blog, even one of a new piece of mine, called Black Bamboo that managed to leave my studio without one decent image taken. Thanks Steph! There’s also images on the SiX and Friends site, Linda Kemshalls  blog and even an image of Hilary in full demo mode at the opening on her blog. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time  at the meet the artist event and got treated to a delicious lunch , I’m really sorry I missed it. I will be there on the 23rd of August though- a chance to have a first hand look at the exhibition  while teaching a workshop in the gallery.

It was hot and sunny in Vancouver for all of July, which made quilting a bit of a challenge. It was a bit warm hand quilting in a heat wave! Ned and I managed a number of trips to the river, most evenings actually. He has figured out the very best way to cool down is just to lie down in the water and he will stay there for ages shivering if I don’t call him out.


The water may look lovely but it’s still snow melt and very cold!

All that slightly sweaty work has paid off  – tomorrow Festival of Quilts opens  in Birmingham, England and this year I have the huge honor of having my very own gallery space within the show. It’s all been arranged by my sponsor Mettler threads and today I got to hang the new work that had been keeping me out of the sun.  It’s not a huge space but it is lovely, with white walls and terrific lighting. Not exactly my name in lights, but the quilts show beautifully and really isn’t that what it’s all about?

It looks a bit of a mess at the beginning of the day- OK a lot of a mess!


But as the day wears on everything gradually finds a place and things come together. There are several areas on this years stand, a teaching area, a demo studio and of course the galleries.


Things weren’t quite all in the right place when this image was taken, but this is the demo area of the stand where a new piece of mine “snow white bird” will be hanging out for the duration. This is what I will be teaching in Llanidloes on the 23rd!


And this is a quick ( and not very good!) shot of my gallery, the light was fading and so was I. I promise better images of the show a bit later on… well knowing me, quite a bit later. We are on stand E 40, do drop by and say hello if you’re coming to the show!

Bye for now, Catherine