signs of spring…..

It’s been warm here the last few days, well warm is a relative thing! I should say it’s been warmer than normal and there are some early (very early) signs of spring showing up!

On our morning walk Bart and I came across these snowdrops in the forest, they aren’t brave enough to open fully yet but they are so lovely poking their way out of last falls leaves.

I must have been a sight clambering up the steep slope to take this picture… actually I was probably more of a sight coming down! I traveled most of the way back to the footpath on my behind. Bart did much better, he didn’t slip on the wet leaves once, he is much more sure-footed ( or is it sure pawed?) than I am.

Another sure sign of spring in my life is the arrival of the Call for Entry, Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation and I am at work on my entry. It doesn’t look like much yet, but I have great plans!

The quilt is about 37 inches wide by 45 inches long so those blossoms are big! I know they look a bit weird right now but they only have their “base coat” of paint on.  Once it’s all appliqued in place I can  paint and draw back into the flowers leaves and stems the details will make it come alive… I can hardly wait.

Check back and I’ll show you how it’s coming along!

Hope there are signs of spring where you are…

Bye for now, Catherine