openings, tours and baskets, oh my!

Women's Work Instagram

Women’s Work is open! The opening has been and gone but the show is up till the end of the year so there’s lots of time to see it.  Curator Angela Clark selected significant Italian works of art pertaining to women or made by women. The 15 textile artists have used the works as starting points for their own exploration and interpretation of the history of women.

IMG_7011There’s an amazing catalogue that goes with the show and tells each artists story. My page is above and here’s the whole piece at the opening. Not a great pic I know, but it was so busy I completely forgot to get out the camera.

Resized_20180912_200212_366 the same time the Granville Island Textile Walk is on and I am really thrilled to be one of the participants. I’m number 21 on the map.


Till the end of Septmeber I’ve taken over the windows at the Cloth Shop  and there are 22 other venues all over the Island. All the work is in the windows so you can participate in the Walk anytime, day or night.




Once the Granville Island Textile Walk was hung and the Women’s Work show was opened I scooted back home to take a wonderful basket weaving course with Dawn at Brookbank Farms. I had a great time and came home with my very first ( yes, there will be more!) willow basket. It’s not perfectly round or level but I’m calling that personality!




And of course there’s always time for a walk on the beach, I love the skies this time of the year.


Bye for now, Catherine