no…. not me or Ned, it’s the title Elizabeth Harris and I chose for our new exhibition that’s opening on Saturday.

Hope you can make it.

It’s been full on getting ready for the opening the last little while, but there has been a bit of distraction, Neds knee is much improved and we managed a walk to the Skookumchuck Narrows . We got there just as the tide was turning and it was very dramatic!

It’s good to know he has my back! drool and all.

Bye for now, Catherine



  1. So sorry we can’t make the opening. Would love to, really love to, however so very glad the show will still be there when we are. Sooooooo looking forward it, and being with you.

    So very glad that Ned is on the mend, thrilled to read you are both out walking again. Let’s hope the weather holds for a while.

    Sending love,Edna.

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  2. I hope the opening reception for your exhibition went really well today. Would have loved to have been there. See you soon.

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