happy January!

Since we are more than half-way through the month, it might be a little late to wish you a Happy New Year and I’m not really sure when the cut-off is. I’ve been looking online for a guide to the etiquette and can’t find a definitive answer, but I’m thinking there really shouldn’t be an end to good wishes.

It’s a bit of a blah January here, but then for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it usually is! the weather here is grey- top to bottom grey. I quite like the subtle colour of this time of the year but…a little sunshine wouldn’t hurt.


The weather has been creating some really interesting effects. It’s been foggy along the waterfront walk Ned and I take some  mornings. It makes for some dramatic photo’s.


This time of year keeps me in the house but one of the benefits of doing the dishes are the visitors that are coming round…


…this tiny fellow has been hanging out all winter. Actually there are two of them and the only reason I know that is they have been at the feeder together.. there may be more but I certainly can’t tell them apart! According to my bird book he’s actually a she, and a Rufus Hummingbird.  Apparently it’s quite common for them to stay the winter in Vancouver, there were a few nights in December when I thought she had made a big mistake!

These fellows arrived in a flurry on the weekend- taking over the garden for a few hours. It made me think spring might not be that far away.


There are some tiny  signs of spring in the back lane, which I scooped up and brought home with me! Doing the dishes needs to have some rewards and these are sitting on the windowsill right above the sink to spur me on.


I love snowdrops, they always remind me a bit of sad bunny rabbits.


January’s weather has been good for being in the studio and getting some work done, which is a very good thing! Anni Hunt and I have a show opening March 26th at FibreWorks  on the Sunshine Coast. Right now there’s work in progress on the walls and the worktable, a bit under the machine and even a piece on the floor…a wonderful state of organized chaos!


Bye for now, Catherine