intermittent blogging…

…seems to be the way things go for me. I get on a roll for a while and then take a break. I  wonder if it might be a “normal” thing to need to be quiet sometimes. I think it must be for me so no apologies for being “away” for awhile…my new goal is intermittent blogging!

But all that said, here I am again, with a bit of news and a bit of new work.

It’s been busy (as ever!) Edwina came for a visit and we got the potassium permanganate and indigo pots on the go and created some really lovely pieces. My favourite is this very simple folded double dip…I think the marks are really lovely. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it!


I’ve been doing some mixed media work in my sketchbook as well, it’s prep work and exploration for some work I can’t share with you yet.



These are done with pastel, acrylic paint and graphite…I’m really liking the depth I can get. Now the challenge is to translate these into fabric.

Things are busy on the home front as well. The garden is in overdrive!

and there’s been a bit of jam making. It’s cherry jam -which I have never done before- and the results are pretty yummy, if I do say so myself.


I’m working on a piece for the upcoming Fungi and Fibre Symposium coming to the Coast this October. It’s an international event and should be loads of fun to have close to home. I can’t show you the whole thing-yet- but here’s a sneak peek…hopefully the jury will like it!


There’s lots more work to do but I’m liking the effect I’m getting so far. I’m really enjoying the handwork and it’s portable, perfect for summertime. While I’m stitching out-of-doors Ned has been busy “floating” in the river …he’s getting his float style down to a fine art, with nose just barely out of the water and eyes following the stick!


Edwina is putting us both to shame! She is preparing for a 10k run!! on the 17th of July and Fundraising for Cancer Research, UK. Here’s a link to her Just Giving page ….run Edwina run!


Bye for now, Catherine