catching up again…

I’m not quite sure how it happens but it keeps happening! Life seems to be moving at a great rate these days, I am going to blame it on the dreary days of February but that doesn’t seem an adequate enough reason somehow.

It’s not that’s there’s nothing going on around here- far from it! I just have been feeling more than a little distracted. I think I’m ready for winter to be over.

Just to catch up a bit here’s a few images of the show at the Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver. The show closed 2 weeks ago but no one minds looking at work hanging in a show- even if they can’t go see it in person anymore- right? ( I hope I’m right!)  There are more images of the show on the North Shore Needle Arts blog and do check out the link to Bright Lights. One of the community newspapers attended the event and sent a photographer to the opening, there’s some great shots of members and their work.

nsnag silk purse feb 2013 007

The piece in the middle of all the beautiful embroideries is my quilt called “crossroads”. I’ve been exploring some new directions.. and this is one of them.  Here’s a close up so you can see what I’ve been up to.

nsnag silk purse feb 2013 047

I belong to a small group of amazing women who are all masters with a needle, they have taught me so much. We challenged ourselves to make a piece for this show and the real challenge was it to fit into this frame, which is 8 inches by 10 inches. Now that’s a challenge for a quilter!

Here are all our pieces hanging together at the show, they made a striking presentation the way the gallery had them arranged. The lighting in this image isn’t the best, I hope you can see them all.

nsnag silk purse feb 2013 035

And here’s a close-up of my little piece “fragment” , which took just as long as some of the larger pieces I’ve made… it really was a challenge.

nsnag silk purse feb 2013 038

There’s work on the design wall for the Cherry Blossom Festival here in Vancouver and more for Orientation as it tours the UK, so lots to keep me busy!

and still it rains….


Bye for now…. Catherine