snow white bird

It seems like yesterday we opened the show, but looking back the unfinished business exhibition has been up for 3 weeks now, time really does fly!  Yvonne at FibreWorks Gallery has the place looking wonderful and all this good weather certainly doesn’t hurt at all. The Sunshine Coast is certainly living up to its name.

I’m on my way back to the yurts for the weekend of July 5th and 6th. I will be teaching one of my favorite workshops  “Snow White Bird” . It’s based on one of the many creation stories featuring Raven in a starring role.

This is one of my versions ( I have 3 so far!) at the basting stage…..

England August 2013 253

I taught this workshop in England earlier this year and wanted to share a few images of the various  Ravens in progress and the lovely ladies who created them .





They’re all so different and reflect each of the makers thoughts about the legend. I really enjoy teaching this class, every student interprets the story in their own way and creates a really personal project.

There’s a couple of places left if you are interested in joining us – contact Yvonne at FibreWorks for all the information.

Hope you can join us!

Bye for now, Catherine


a few more pic’s

Thanks to Yvonne at FibreWorks for these images, they were taken just before the opening of unfinished business last weekend.


It really was a blur those last few minutes before the guests arrived, I don’t  remember Yvonne taking these shots (or that I was wearing two pairs of glasses!)



… and this close-up of my fish ladder piece.


This one shows Linda’s Precious Moments inspired piece between my Rivers pieces and Making Faces. It always amazes me how well the work hangs together when you consider we don’t compare notes or  talk about the colors or details of what we are making.


Bye for now, Catherine

unifinished business….

thr3fold unfinished business opened on Sunday!

The weather was perfect (never a sure thing on the West Coast in June) , just hot enough to feel summer right around the corner but with a nice cool breeze off the water. Yvonne and Reg at FibreWorks had fresh from the garden flowers, wine and goodies all laid out for the event. Many thanks to those of you that came to celebrate with us. The time just flew by, I never seemed to stop “meeting and greeting” the whole time.

I did my best but it always seems to happen that once the actual event starts I’m too busy talking to take a single picture! and it was the same this time. I took these pictures before the guests arrived…if anyone out there has images of the opening I would love to see them.


The yurts are an amazing place to exhibit there is something magical about the round shape. As you walk into the gallery yurt this is the first view…it was lovely to see my “fish ladder” quilt hanging in the center of the room. The quilt is made using cotton organdy and moved so nicely in the breeze.

rare beauty

Laura’s Rare Beauty looks stunning on the black walls of the yurt.


Linda and Laura’s work looks wonderful!



These are the river pieces I gave you a peek of in my last post, I’m pleased with  how they turned out and think there might be more to explore at the river.

The gallery cards are a bit different for this show. Each of the cards tells the back story around each  piece and shows the cover of the thr3fold journal issue  that inspired it. Yvonne has placed her own collection of all 5 journals in the gallery so visitors can refer back and see the original article that inspired each piece.


I have always wanted to challenge myself and draw directly to fabric during a limited time pose and finally gathered the courage to do it, this is Caitlin . I admit to a little fiddling with the drawing once I got her back to the studio and of course the  stenciling and quilting!

yurts 2

It was all a bit of a blur getting ready but I did manage to spiffy up a bit before the guests arrived.

unfinished business is on until the 13th of July and if you need any extra tempting, the Sunshine Coast is a wonderful get away destination.

Bye for now, Catherine