a few more pic’s

Thanks to Yvonne at FibreWorks for these images, they were taken just before the opening of unfinished business last weekend.


It really was a blur those last few minutes before the guests arrived, I don’t  remember Yvonne taking these shots (or that I was wearing two pairs of glasses!)



… and this close-up of my fish ladder piece.


This one shows Linda’s Precious Moments inspired piece between my Rivers pieces and Making Faces. It always amazes me how well the work hangs together when you consider we don’t compare notes or  talk about the colors or details of what we are making.


Bye for now, Catherine



  1. Love the shots of you with 2 pair of glasses. (grin) I do that too — as my sunglasses are made to wear on top of my prescription glasses. As for the show — stunning! And its great to see it all together. I followed Linda on her treasure box piece on DMTV, so it’s particularly fun to see it finished. Thanks so much for sharing!

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