bad habits and travel

Well not the interesting sort of bad habits the other type, like not posting on the blog very often and being late, which might actually be the same sort of thing when you think about it. I don’t even have any exotic and wonderful excuses for being a hit and miss blogger just a pathetic I’ve been busy. But really I have been… it’s been a month of travel and still is.

That old song I’ve been everywhere man”- is running through my head and OK maybe I haven’t been everywhere, but I have been a few places. Last month I was in Calgary teaching a workshop at  Out of Hand, a most amazing shop full of good things! everything was lovely there except the weather.


If you look closely enough there is something beautiful almost everywhere, even a frozen parking lot.


The weather wasn’t a problem at all. I was very happy to be inside the shop, there was something new round every corner and treats galore, visual and baked!



These baked creations are apparently called “pink disgusting’s”  and in no way were they disgusting! They were sweet, gooey and definitely pink! what more can you ask for.

A few weeks after Calgary I arrived in England. It’s warmer here than Calgary but not by a lot! Its been very cold and spring is late in arriving, but I have managed a few sights.


a quick jaunt through Warwick, a walk along the river in Worcester….


…where I met these 2 swans doing a little grooming. They were wonderful to watch and let me get quite close. They were so in sync in their movements and the positions they got into looked a bit dizzy making.



But is hasn’t been all swan watching and sight-seeing, I did get some work done before leaving Vancouver. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival is on again and I have a new piece in the show, it’s called “koumori” which is Japanese for bat (they’re on the pot!)

CNicholls koumori overall

koumori 006

The show is on at the Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver until April 21st if you want to drop in.

I’ve also been working on a new piece, right now it’s called “black bamboo” but that might change when it’s closer to finished. Its going to join the Orientation show when it reaches Llanidloes in mid-Wales this summer.


Meanwhile I’m headed to Nottingham to Coles Sewing Center. It’s a real treat to represent Mettler threads alongside good friend and talented quilter Edwina Mackinnon at  Mettler Open Studio Day on April 12th at Coles. If you’re nearby do come over and say hello!

There are some lovely sights along the road.


Bye for now, Catherine