show time!

It’s finally here- it seems like I have been talking about this show for a very  long time (sorry about that) but all that chat is now a reality!

The show opened  Thursday evening to a wonderful reception- a big thank you to everyone who made it out to the opening and to those who came to the artists talk on Saturday afternoon- it was great to see you all.

sanctuary show 039

It’s exciting to see your name up in lights- well, actually on the gallery wall in type set, but it is still very exciting!

sanctuary show 025CityScape is a lovely gallery , those big beautiful white walls are a perfect backdrop.

sanctuary show 042

and we were able to hold the artists talk right there surrounded by our work. It was perfect for  Lynne, Joan and I to chat about the work and where the theme had taken us.

sanctuary show 033

I am always interested ( and pleased!)  to see how someone else hangs  my work, I really enjoy seeing a different take on the pieces I have been so close to for such a long time. Working with artists who use  media other than textile does give my work a different feel.

sanctuary show 035

sanctuary show 072

Above is “home”

sanctuary show 067 - Copy

and this is “out on a limb” it’s the piece I featured in a blog post a while back…the whole thing is 57 inches wide by 28 inches long, so a bit bigger than it looks.

sanctuary show 069

and a detail.

sanctuary show 027

The piece hanging next to Joan’s prints  is called “aerie” and is drawn on cotton organza. It was a bit of a challenge to work on such a sheer fabric but I am really pleased with the results. The wind ( vortexes I was told!) are hand quilted.

sanctuary show 029

sanctuary show 085

This piece is called ” held together by cobweb” and the little wren who builds his nest in the ferns actually uses cobweb as the building material. Talented little fellow!

sanctuary show 076

sanctuary show 080To me nests are synonymous with home and the natural next step lead me to homelessness and the costs of housing here in Vancouver- the very, very high cost of housing here.  Which then lead to this quilt,  apologies for the jaunty angle in the image- it really is quite straight.

sanctuary show 047 - Copy

sanctuary show 051 - CopyI really enjoyed making these 4 pieces, they are traditional quilt blocks but made using various papers held together with stitch. I used maps of Vancouver, local real estate listings from the newspaper and some of my photo’s of homeless people and the places they call home. There are quotations hand written along the as well.

sanctuary show 053 - Copy

Thanks so much for making it to the end of this post, hopefully you haven’t nodded off! There are loads more images from the show and I know the gallery will be posting some pictures of the opening on their website. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Now that’s all done and hanging, it’s on to the next!

Bye for now, Catherine


you’re invited!

It’s almost time! in fact I am counting down days till opening night. Honestly I’m counting down because a few bits and pieces still need to be completed but I always work better with a deadline looming or that’s’ what I’m telling myself!

Invitation front and Back JPGS_Page_1


Invitation front and Back JPGS_Page_2This is an exiting time for me ( and a bit nerve-wracking as well!)  this show is a chance to share some new work I have been doing. It’s actually all new work, so maybe different is a better word to use. It’s been fun to try out some new ideas and new ways with “old” techniques. I promise (honest!) to post images of the show as soon as it opens.

There is information about the show and the artists at the CityScape site . We are giving an artist talk on Saturday the 15th of June from 1 till 3 pm.

Opening night is Thursday June the 13th from 7 till 9 pm, I hope you can make it!