in the pink….

…really it’s a blend of grey and pink. The soggy grey Vancouver winter continues but every now and then we get a glimmer of sunshine, it’s just enough to make you think spring may turn up eventually. Sometimes the rain clouds part and as soon as there’s a bit of light in the sky Ned and I head for one of our favrouite spots to watch the sun go down.


While the pink outside isn’t happening very often it’s been quite pink in the studio lately, it’s cherry blossom time again and I am hard at work on my entry for this years exhibition. The deadline for entry is fast approaching and of course it’s not finished yet…but then I still have a week ( almost). I like to think I work better under pressure but truth be told it’s been so long since I have completed anything well ahead of the deadline, I don’t know any other way.


This years entry-in-progress is dye painted cotton organdy, hand stitched onto a layer of white wool and includes some very fiddly paper blossoms. It will have beads as well…deadlines willing!

Cherry Blossoms; A Textile Translation  runs March 22nd thru April 10th at the Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver. The opening is Tuesday evening the 22nd of March from 6 to 8 pm and hopefully this piece will be there, IF the judges accept my entry…fingers crossed.

I’m back to life again…life drawing I mean, I really do love it. Sometimes it’s difficult to go out on a dark and rainy night after a long day, but once I get there it’s so worth it.


My drawing style has changed  (maybe evolved is a better word?) and this year I making an effort to not get bogged down in the details but try to catch the feel of the pose. Some nights it works and some nights it doesn’t!

But every now and then drawing with a pink pastel helps to shake things up a bit.

IMG_3017I should probably try and get the drawing all on one page as well, but that might be next sessions goal.

Hope you are finding a sunbeam to bask in where ever you are…


Bye for now,  Catherine