happy birthday to me…

I had a special treat for my birthday this year, Linda took me to the Burwarton Agricultural show. It was full of things I don’t normally see in Vancouver. There were lots of animals, perfectly combed and polished, there were vegetables matched in sets and loads of interesting displays and demonstrations of just about anything you can imagine.

These sheep had the most amazing colour fleece , sort of “yellowy” gold.

I got up close and personal with a few of them. Apparently every one of the sheep was a bit different, I’m afraid the finer points of sheep were lost on me but they are very photogenic!

The finer points of sheep may have been lost on me but the judges and competitors took the competitions very seriously! It was pouring rain when these sheep were judged, but nobody moved even a hair out of line.

This fellow was keeping a very close eye on me and my camera, he (or maybe it was she?) was so big I could only get this much of him/her in the image.

The importance of the day was lost on some,  in the midst of all the noise and people this fellow managed to catch a nap! It’s a great trick to be able to balance on your nose while you sleep.

When the rain got a bit heavy we made a run for some of the marquee’s. This one was full of perfect vegetables! There was the  longest carrot competition, the best matched cabbages and cakes,  lots and lots of cakes.

We couldn’t believe the size of these cabbages, the big ones weren’t the first prize winners but they were spectacular! very eye catching.

It was a wonderful day and one of the best birthday treats I can think of, thanks Linda! There are a few more images of our day at the fair on Linda’s blog or there will be soon.

Talk to you soon, Catherine






  1. I thought the fabled fleece was found in Colchis, Greece not Burwarton, England! Happy Birthday Catherine – looks like you had a fantastic day.

  2. Belated birthday wishes! I hope your trip continues to be fun filled. I guess that is given when you are with Linda and Laura.

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