back to work…

All my visitors have gone home and I have managed a quick weekend away as well. The weather has taken another turn for the worst and the Okanogan valley was calling me so I loaded up the car with the dog and a change of clothes on Friday afternoon and headed out for some time away from the city and the weather!

This is the spectacular view from the deck of friends home where Bart and  I stayed for the weekend, gorgeous isn’t it!? We spent some time visiting and watching the weather across the lake. There was time for a walk to visit some of the local vineyards with some great photo opportunities!

I am glad I was the one with the camera, I was down on hands and knees to get a good angle for the seed head image above and am sure was a picture myself! thankfully there was no one around but this fellow.

And if he was laughing at me he had the good grace to do it quietly.

We made it to the first vineyard on our planned route and enjoyed a tasting trying out 4 different wines. Then on to the next… and another tasting.

It was a great afternoon walking to and through the vineyards. Though it was a bit tiring for some!

Now I must get some work done!






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