summer time…

Summer can be so lovely here, when the weather cooperates, and the last week has been beautiful. It must be our reward for the rotten spring !  It seems I’m not the only one who likes to be in Vancouver in the summertime I have had visitors in and out all week ( that’s my excuse for being a bad blogger!) Friends arrived from California for a short visit and my cousin and his wife are in town from the UK.  I don’t see them often but this year is an exception, as I will be heading to the UK in a few weeks.

I haven’t done much proper work in between coffee on Granville Island and lunches out  (it’s tough work but someone has to do it!) but I have joined in the Vancouver Draw Down Daily Drawing Project and am having great fun. It’s the perfect project for a busy month, you can fit in a drawing here and there and it only takes 15 minutes a day!

The Daily Drawing Project site gives two options, the first is very quick and easy the second is considered challenging. The daily challenge can be just about anything, on the 1st of July the challenge was to draw your route through the city today.

The 4th of July was draw a bike from memory, well that stated me remembering bikes, at least one in particular.

The 6th was to draw a continuous line drawing of a set of keys and the 7th was to draw the contents of your purse.

But so far my favorite draw down has been to find a pattern in nature and draw this pattern over the whole page.

Now I’m off to get a pencil and pour a glass of water for today’s challenge!



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