I think I’ve got it!

Thanks for looking up my new blog! I have been struggling with keeping up a website and have decided to make a change. A blog seems an easier way to stay in touch and let you know what’s happening in my world….so here we go!

I have been making nests lately. I’m working in one of my  favorite techniques , pen and ink and combining it with the fabrics I created using soy wax batik methods. The fabrics were the result of a 4 day workshop with Els van Baarle at Art Quilt Tahoe ( a wonderful get away!)

On a morning walk I noticed a number of  nests in the bare trees. I guess they had been there awhile but I was just noticing them with the morning sunlight coming through the trees.  As soon as I got into the workroom I knew what to do!

It’s still work in progress but it’s coming along. I hope to show it to you soon!




  1. Hi Catherine,
    I just read through your new blog … and I’m so surprised to learn of you moving house and studio. Life does happen, doesn’t it? I hope all is well.

    Would love to learn where you have relocated … you have so much to offer the North Shore textile world. I too, just started a blog, and am having fun updating it and keeping busy. The North Shore Art Crawl, kept me pretty busy last month, but I’m back to work on my own projects, again. Currently, finishing off my Through the Looking Glass entry.

    Take care.
    Jennifer Cooper

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Your new studio looks great. I also really enjoyed reading this blog. And your bird nest looks real. I had to look twice.

    A friend and fellow artist of mine, is taking your “Drawn to Pen & Ink” course in Whistler? I told her it was a wonderful course and that you are a great teacher.

    Wishing you all the best.

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