I’m back…

Well , just when you think things are going smoothly life has a way of turning you upside down! Sorry to have been away from this blog, I really did have all good intentions, but….I have moved house. Actually house, office and studio.

Settling in is taking allot  longer than I thought possible. But I am back on-line and almost finished wading through boxes in the house. The new studio is still in the works….see below! and I haven’t found the kettle yet, but other than that things are coming together.

There are 2 new windows…

and Lekk and Mike are painting as I type. I am hoping to move in next week if everything goes to plan. I can’t wait!

In the midst of all the mess and chaos there is a lovely welcome near the front door of my new home, this beautiful magnolia tree in bloom. The blossoms are glorious and  doing their best to survive the rain and cool weather.



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