studio progress

It’s coming along! my new studio is coming together really nicely. It’s amazing what a coat of paint and a floor will do.

The walls were barely dry ( in fact they weren’t quite!) when the floor started going down. It’s a wonderful “vinyl” tile with a sticky back so once it’s down it’s really tough and there’s no  need for any further work. Just stick the tile in place, making sure all the edges are straight and square and it’s ready to go.

About half way through the floor going down the cabinets and counter top arrived…

The studio looks so large now that the floor is all down and the cabinets are in place. The cabinets and counter will be installed in the next day or so and then light’s and plumbing….and then move in!

It’s  cold and rainy here today ….I know Bart is looking forward to being inside as much as I am.




  1. What a fabulous space, and such beautiful blossom outside the window. Bart is very cute, what kind of dog is he? Apart from the best kind, of course.

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