chaos again….

The studio was looking  so clean and tidy ( that’s allot easier when nothing is in there) I knew it was too good to last, in fact it took barely 12 hours after washing the floor and cleaning out the cabinets that the moving truck rolled in and all the studio furniture arrived!

All the space I reveled in was gone! covered up with boxes and tables and well, everything…..

including the dog, who had to check out everything that arrived , just to make sure! (spot the tail end in the midst of the boxes below)

The movers brought sunshine with them as well and the little bit of sun we had brought out  the lilacs in my new garden…. they smell gorgeous!




    • Thanks Anni, I still waiting on the plumber and the electrician before I can start the fun part- putting everything away!
      I’ll let you know when they’ve been!

  1. Catherine, your new studio is fantastic! I love the light bouncing off the walls. I see a lot of hours of creating going on in there. I went and picked a bouquet of lilacs and lily of the valley this afternoon – heavenly. I am hoping our sunshine will hang around for a while this time.

  2. Just read that you moved on Linda’s blog. Looks like you have a spacious studio–so far. And light! Like this blog, I will add it to my blog bookmarks list–
    I am still in Kiwiland until the end of the month. May have one more project done this week.

    • Thanks Judy, glad you like the blog!
      Hope you are having a wonderful time in New Zealand. It’s good to know you are still getting some course work done, it must be hard to resist seeing the sites.

  3. Your studio looks great Cathy, you’ve done an outstanding job on putting it all together.

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