lights, camera, not quite ready for action…

but getting very close! The lights are up and working , the bookshelves are installed and I am moving in! There’s still the plumbing and some electrical work yet to do.  The heaters aren’t in yet  and with our unseasonable cold I am missing them, but the little space heater is working overtime to take the chill off.

Some of my favorite things are books and I have lots! I am really enjoying putting all my “studio” books out and arranging them on the bookshelves and then re-arranging them, of course!

I seem to mention the cold rainy weather in nearly every post but it has been a really nasty spring here. According to the local garden center we are 3 weeks behind for planting, blooming and anything garden related.  I know tulips are long over in most parts, but these are doing their best to brighten my garden.

Here’s hoping for warmer weather!




  1. Your studio is so inviting and lit so well. I agree with you about the weather. I am in Ea. Washington and we are about 3 weeks behind. Usually, it is in the upper 70’s by now and the roses and peonies should be blooming. Today I went and cut a boquet of tulips and lily of the valley! Enjoy making your studio a nest you long to be in.

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