everyone’s coming…

This weekend brings the opening reception of  “The Game- Another Take on the Exquisite Corpse” on the Sunshine Coast just north of Vancouver.

It’s  terrific exhibition and this is the second venue it has visited, with one more to go. The inspiration for these works comes from the 1920s Surrealist game called Exquisite Corpse or Cadavre Exquis: a game of folded paper which involves several people composing a phrase or drawing collectively, none of the participants have any idea of what the other artists have done. This exhibition is created by the members of the Surface Design Association of BC and Yukon of which I am a member.  http://www.surfacedesignbc.org/

Lots of international artists have collaborated with local artists in creating pieces for his show. Linda and Laura Kemshall and I created an entry , it’s the piece on the right in the image below( sorry it’s not straight!)  and we are thrilled to have it on the cover of the exhibition flyer!

The show is on at FibreWorks Studio and Gallery   http://www.gunboatbaylodge.com/fibreworks.html and the opening reception is this Sunday the 15th. it’s going to be good fun!

Wow! It seems everyone is heading this way – there have been Orca whales spotted in Vancouver Harbour this morning, they were seen under the Lion’s Gate Bridge on their way towards town. It’s been years since whales have come this close to the city, they must have heard about the exhibit.



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