great opening….

It was a damp and cold weather day but there was a warm welcome at  FibreWorks Gallery on what is usually the “Sunshine Coast”. Despite the damp it was good to see fellow Surface Design Association members and enjoy Reg and Yvonne’s wonderful hospitality at the opening of “The Game- Another Take on the Exquisite Corpse”.

It was one of those West Coast winter days ( I know it’s May, but it sure doesn’t feel like it!) yesterday when it’s hard to know where the sky stops and the ocean begins! just gray from top to bottom. But the exhibition opening at FibreWorks was full of colour and fun.

Yvonne and her team had done a wonderful job hanging the show, it looks amazing in the yurt.

The rainy afternoon  was a great time to have a good visit with friends and  to “play the game” and create some new corpses. Yvonne set up some paper , scissors and glue and bit’s of papers for us to play with. The perfect end to the day was a potluck dinner with some of the other artists and these two came out to say goodbye as I was leaving.

It was great gray day!




  1. The exhibition looks great. I particularly like the sculptural pieces. Just spent a little time looking at the photos on the gunboat bay website, what a beautiful place.

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