it’s finished!

well, there are a few little jobs that need doing and a few things that haven’t found  the perfect place yet but I have moved into my new studio! It was a long weekend here (Happy Victoria Day!) and I spent the rainy days putting away and sorting out.

I am so pleased with the end results and very grateful for all the help I have received in turning what was a 2 car garage into my bright new workspace.

This is what you see when you walk through the door…

…on the left side of the image you can see Bart’s bed tucked under the long arm, his favorite place, unless I am the machine! Turn a little to the right and there’s the end my wonderful long work table and the bookshelves…and if you walk into the room towards the windows and look back you can see my sewing machine table, bulletin board loaded with things to do and think about and my comfy chair to do the thinking in and where I do hand work as well.

One of the things at the top of the to-do list is create a design wall, but right now I am enjoying the space and the uncluttered walls. I know it won’t last.  The studio is almost too clean to work in right now but I’m sure I will change that quickly!




  1. Looks great Catherine!
    I am in the midst of cleaning out my studio. (We have the house on the market!).
    I’m sure I will not have as big a studio in the next place……… I am preparing for a ‘Studio Garage Sale’
    for the summer!

    • Thanks Anni, it does look nice doesn’t it.
      I can’t wait to get in there and mess it up a bit! Make sure to let me know when your garage sale will be.
      One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure!

    • Thanks Susan, glad you like it!
      I did use kitchen cabinets and counter top along the wall under the windows. Some sections have doors to hide the contents and some just have open shelves. I arranged one of the sections to work as paper storage with lots of closely spaced shelves.
      So far I have found a place for almost everything and even have a little room to spare, but I know that won’t last!

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