a walk in the park….

the most amazing thing has happened , the sun has come out. I’m afraid it might be  short-lived but still, sunshine!

According to meteorologists at Environment Canada the last two months have been the coldest in more than 50 years! and there is more to come. Living in a place that is classed as “rain forest” you do get used to a certain amount of precipitation but this spring has topped them all, and not in a good way. The businesses that rely on a bit of good weather in April and May are really suffering. So when this morning brought blue sky and sunshine Bart and I headed to a park we have wanted to explore….

This lovely place is Moodyville Park and it appears the park is devoted to crows! There are bits of crow information carved and painted into large boulders along the path and beautiful crow silhouettes as well.

From what I understand this public art installation is still in the works and there are more features to be added. It is such a pleasure to wander the path and read about the crows and a little history of Moodyville. I wish I knew the name of the artists and could credit them properly.

The crows themselves were a bit camera-shy this morning and chose to watch us from the trees. Walking with a big dog keeps the wildlife at a distance, which is a bad thing  for photography but can be a good thing as well!

Now to get the garden tidied up before the rain returns,




  1. That is a beautiful park and the art is wonderful. If it makes you feel any better about the rain, I live southeast of you in the desert of Eastern Washington and this has been the coolest, wettest spring in the 40 years of weather recording. The asparagus is late and the cherries will be also. On the plus side, our watering bill is low and the grass is green. Have a wonderful week in your beautiful studio.

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