catching up…

I have been doing some catching up –  in the house, on the computer and in the garden. I know I have done nothing but complain about the weather but it really has been grim here and the garden is slow to get going this year. Tomorrow is the first day of summer according to the calendar and a few of the plants in the garden are doing their best to provide a good show.

These roses are just getting started, the fragrance of this one is wonderful!

The peonies are thinking about opening up, but if they’ve heard the latest weather forecast it might take a while yet!

The lettuce and arugula are really slow to get going, they look so small still…

and I have figs! not many (these are the only two!) I’m not sure what to do with them or about them. One neighbour says we get 2 crops a year though the season isn’t long enough for the second crop to ripen. Another neighbour says she has never had a rip fig from her tree  and she has loads more fruit than my little tree. I will have to wait and see what happens… I won’t be planning any fig feasts this year!

The bad weather is good for inside chores though and one of my favourite pastimes…baking!


Tomorrow is the longest day of the year in this hemisphere, a sunny one would be great, fingers crossed!

Happy Solstice!



One comment

  1. Hi Catherine – you lead such a busy and interesting life out there in Vancouver. I’m amazed at how much you fit into your days – quite an inspiration. And I love reading your updates on the blog. You are so lucky to have so many creative groups in your area – wish it was like that around here.
    I’m so sorry the weather has not improved – it is very showery here in the UK – but of course it is Wimbledon fortnight!

    Keep writing the blog. . .

    Kind regards

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