who needs walls!?

The time has finally come! I have started renovating my kitchen. Actually in the spirit of full disclosure, other than cleaning, picking up stuff from the hardware store , picking up lunch for the workers and making endless coffee I am not actually doing much actual renovating … yet!

We are at the demolition stage and things are moving very quickly! After 2 days of sledge hammers  and crowbars ( great name for a tool isn’t it!?) the old kitchen is gone! and a few walls as well.

That yellow gap under the window is where the old corner sink was, the new one will be under the window to the right in a nice loooong counter-top.  The doorway in the picture above  is gone now as well.

Not only is the kitchen gone, most of the bathroom has left with it! that’s the remains of the shower stall in the center of the image above (and the front edge of the toilet in the bottom right!)

Not everyone is as excited as I am about the changes. That bit of black on the far right is Bart creeping around the edge of the door frame, he’s not a big fan of the noise and disruption.

Here we are at the end of day 2 and things are looking good, though a bit dusty ( OK more than a bit dusty, very dusty!) but there’s going to be wonderful light in the kitchen when everything is all done.

This is the new “view” from the kitchen to the sitting room, well almost, those vertical “bars” will be gone tomorrow. There’s more demolition to go and of course with it more dust and mess, but it’s exciting to see the rooms opening up.

I am planning on hanging up my hard hat and heading out to the studio tomorrow afternoon, at least that’s the plan!

Bye for now, Catherine




  1. Brave woman, Catherine. Looks as though you have some work ahead of you. Hope it goes smoothly. Demolition is always exciting when it opens up rooms. Judy

  2. Catherine, I was there a couple of years ago. I now have a wonderful kitchen, a cork floor, an island with a wonderful view. Keep the end vision in sight. Love your blogs and Linda and Laura’s internet series. Barb from Toronto area

  3. This is reply #2 — somehow I lost the other. I love the “new Project”. It
    will wonderful I am glad I saw th”before” version. Any time for dinner?

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