another wild and wonderful week has flown by, actually it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I caught up with this blog and there is so much to share.

My house is coming along , seems like I’ve been saying that for weeks now, but really it is starting to come together. Allot of the “stuff” has been cleared out and found a home. The vanity is actually in the bathroom, not hooked up or in the right place but still… in the right room is a good start! The toilet continues to reside in the living room… sigh….


The vanity will swing around and line up under the hole in the center of the wall that will be the light fixture! The kitchen cabinets are installed, no counter tops yet ( next week -fingers crossed)

The broom and garbage bag are the first clue of how I spent Saturday, all day, trying to lower the dust level, not wholly successful but a whole lot better!

Almost looks livable, doesn’t it?

One of the most exciting things to happen this past week is the creation of a new and exciting  blog called SiX and Friends. The blog is designed for all 9 of the artists to chat    and share with each other as we create work for the upcoming Orientation exhibition, but it’s so much more! For me being the far-flung Canadian it’s a wonderful chance to stay connected to the rest of the group and chat about the ideas and work that is developing.

members of the group are introducing themselves and talking a bit about where they are going ( or think they are!) The blog will be a great way to follow along the creative journey as work gets made for this touring exhibition.

I’m planning on creating my first post right after I get this one done so make sure to check out Six and Friends, the post will hopefully explain this collection of  bits, not sure quite where I am going with it all yet but the ideas are starting to circle!

Back to cleaning…

Bye for now, Catherine



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