drop by drop

This post is all about water.. it seems to be everywhere in my life right now.

Thanks so much to everyone who offered their opinions on the paint colour for my house I appreciate your thoughts!  I chose the top one in the samples, the not so yellow yellow and the painter has started work.

He managed to get one coat on the studio building before the heavens opened .. it has rained for 8 days straight since then! Not a record for Vancouver rainfall or even close to a record  but so annoying when you are part way through painting the outside of the house. And so we wait for better weather….

And while we are waiting for the sun to shine Elizabeth  and I are putting the finishing touches to “drop by drop” our exhibition opening at FibreWorks gallery on the 16th of June.

The studio is full to bursting with well, everything! including dogs. Elizabeth’s ceramics and paintings for this show are stunning, there will be quilts ( of course!), some surface design and an installation, that’s part of it in the image above. It’s really inspiring to be exhibiting with an artist who works in different media. We have a number of collaborative pieces for this show, it amazing how well ceramics, paint and textile all work together towards the theme! who would have thought.

Here’s Elizabeth hard at work painting part of what will be part of the exhibition …wonderful isn’t’ it? It’s hard to see just how long these fabric panels are in the image, but they are nearly 7 meters each. Even though the panels will be viewed from a distance someone wanted to get a really close look.

Here’s all the info about the exhibition and the workshops as well.

If you would like more information or directions check out www.fibreworksgallery.com  drop by (sorry about the pun) if you’re in the neighborhood we would love to see you!

Bye for now, Catherine



  1. Glad your painting finally got a start. I wondered if you had been rained on again and again. Wish I could be at your new show–if will be exciting. Judy

    • The painting is still on hold Judy, the rain continues -sigh. The weather man is saying things might brighten this weekend but I’m not sure I believe him.
      It would be great if you could come to the show but the geography is a bit intimidating! I will take lots of images and post them on the blog so you can see what’s happening.

  2. It certainly looks as though you’ve got your hands, head and heart full. I love the idea of the super long banners … I’ll definitely be coming up to see your exhibition. Good luck with all the finishing touches and installation.

  3. Wish I could get to the show it looks like it is going to be stunning. Hope you’ve had some dry weather by now to get the painting going again – we haven’t!

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