go figure…

I have been life drawing for ages and have always enjoyed it,  I’m hoping working  in 2 dimensions might feel a bit simpler after this weekend! I attended an amazing Anatomical Sculpture workshop with  Santos Mignosa. The workshop is designed for artists who paint or draw the figure and want to know a bit more about what is under the skin.

We started the day with wire armature, a bag of sculptors clay and set to work with lots of guidance from Santos. I have never worked with clay before so I was a long way outside my comfort zone!

It’s amazing how many more mistakes you can make when working in 3 dimensions! There are so many things to consider posture, balance, proportions and then of course the muscle structure of the model.

Thanks to our  very patient model Guy who spent the entire day standing still, which is much more tiring than you would think!

At the end of the day we tore down the sculpture we had created! I must admit it took me a few minutes to gather the strength but it was a hugely liberating feeling. I made sure to take lots of images to record my progress and remind me of what we had done. What a great way to spend a rainy Sunday!

Thanks  for  all the lovely comments about Ned! “New Exceptional Dog” is a great version of his name… very clever, thanks Jennifer!  He has settled in well and is growing like a little weed, OK big weed.

In between dog walks- and there have been a lot of them -I brought these “mystery” squash and a few late tomatoes in from the garden. I know I should remember what I planted but this year I adopted these plants and other than some kind of squash I didn’t (and still don’t) know what kind they are. They are quite a lovely shape though….

Bye for now, Catherine



  1. Very impressed with what you produced in such an unfamiliar medium. What was the reason for destroying the piece at the end? Ned certainly is looking well, as is the produce from your garden.

  2. Yes, not sure why you have to destroy it either. Perhaps it’s just to distance yourself! Ned is rather cheeky looking and I think the squash is a Burgess Vine Buttercup. Yum!! Love squash.

    • Hi Amanda and Maggi, Though a little gut wrenching destroying the piece was a very liberating experience! It’s a sculpting practice Santos uses a lot to stop from becoming too “married” ( his word) to the piece. The belief is that with each sculpture you get better and better and by breaking down the piece you leave yourself room to improve. I will have to see- I must admit to wanting to have another try.

  3. This is how I started almost 40 years ago! Strange, isn’t it? And it feels good to be back home, don’t you think? So am I. And what a beautiful dog. I fell in love immediately!
    You will hear of me soon. Gr. Marjolijn

  4. That is fabulous Catherine – big respect!! I also very much like the wire armature – very expressive…. were you allowed to keep him? Ned is beyond words gorgeous … has he chased any bears yet? xx

  5. What breed of dog is Ned? Besides being soooo cute, he has crimpy fur by his ears that looks like our daughter’s pup which is a Nova Scotia duck toller retriever.

    • Hi Marilyn, Ned is a border collie, or mostly a border collie, as far as I know! I guess time will tell just how much of a border collie he is actually going to be. He has started herding me around the house already so I am thinking border collie it is!

      • One of my friends has a boy who is the spit of Ned … and he is definitely border collie .. so I don’t think you have been sold a pup!(boom boom) x

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