festival of quilts, cloaks and gardens…

It’s that time of the year again, Festival of Quilts is almost next on the calendar. It’s amazing how quickly it rolls around, it seems to get quicker every year- a sure sign of age I hear.

I’m almost ready to go, just a little more packing and yes, there is a quilt that needs finishing but that’s normal isn’t it? I’ll be teaching Quick and Easy workshops on the Mettler stand again. This years workshop is called Wandering Vines and each of the students receives these beautiful Mettler threads along with a few other goodies to take home along with the workshop.

The fabrics for my kits are all  ready to go and a sample as well, I even have a few ready to stitch pieces for demo on the stand.


The Mettler stand is number ( letter?) E-40,  do stop by and say hello! I’ll be there.

What is next, really next, is the Wearable Art Fashion Show tomorrow night!


Elizabeth Harris and I have collaborated again and created our version of a travellers cloak. After a mis-start ( or two!) we are both thrilled with the results.






Elizabeth will be walking the runway tomorrow night- I don’t think RunnerBean will be allowed on stage but you never know! The bit of cut up quilt on the leading edge set the tone for the piece and Elizabeth followed from there with painting on the burlap, it’s lined with a moss coloured hand dyed muslin and then ceramic leaves were added. We finished it off with a necklace of  leaves, feathers and rawhide.

And the garden… well the back deck really. I finally got around to changing over the back garden from this-


to this…


It’s not quite finished yet, just a few little fiddles to go, but it’s a lovely spot to sit and stitch.

There’s been a heat wave here in Vancouver …or a heat wave by our standards.  Ned’s favourite river is still cold despite the heat  but he doesn’t mind. He found a swimming hole this morning and settled in while I finished my coffee and dangled my feet, heaven for both of us.


Hope to see you at Festival!

Bye for now, Catherine ( and Ned)



  1. Love the new deck and garden area, it looks so relaxing. That cloak is wonderful.

    You might be arriving in the rain but at least it’s due to stay warm. See you next week.

  2. What a wonderful cloak! Of course Runner Bean should have been included as every traveller needs a faithful companion 🙂 The deck looks quite marvellous – Hope you get time to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing and pats for sweet Ned!

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