home again…

and there are all the usual things to catch up with!

The garden is in production mode right now, lots of tomatoes, potatoes and plums! which means jam, batch after batch of plum jam.  Its hot work right now but I know I will be glad of it come the winter time.


I planted some sunflower seeds this spring and have been waiting and wondering for what feels like ages. I couldn’t resist the picture and promises on the seed packet, which happens a lot and is probably why I end up with loads of veg at this time of year. These have lived up to their billing!


They are planted against the wall of the studio and peeking out the window I can look down on them (that how I got this angle) they are well over 5 feet tall and have the most amazing faces.


I arrived home in time this year for a visit to the Pacific National Exhibition. A wonderful fair here in Vancouver, that includes pig races (honest!), livestock displays, rides and all sorts of foods you shouldn’t eat but can’t resist.  This year one area of the park , trees and all, had been yarn bombed!




Sorry the images aren’t the best, it was really dark in there!

One of the best things about living where I live is being close to Vancouver harbour. We are close enough that Ned and I can walk along the boardwalk whenever we feel like a “city walk” , it’s a real change from our usual river walk. What a wonderful treat to see the tall ship B. E. Cuauhtémoc in the harbour, she’s a stunning sail training ship from Mexico and looked gorgeous against the Vancouver skyline.


The rigging was incredible and so high! I can’t imagine having to scramble around up in there.


It made me dizzy just looking up.



It’s a nice change of pace from our usual walk along the river, but getting back to the river was one of the best things about being home.


Another best thing (can you have several best things?) was opening the letter that informed me my submission for the upcoming exhibition, Wonderland was accepted!


The  opening is Thursday evening September 18th from 7 till 9 pm. Hope you can make it!

Bye for now, Catherine






  1. Welcome home Catherine! That tall ship is stunning and it looks like there is someone standing at the top of the second mast in the first picture of the ship. Love the sunflower closeup. Congrats on your acceptance to Wonderland; wish I could make it down to see the exhibit.

  2. Catherine, lovely pics of your beautiful river (but where was Ned?), colourful tall ships and the gorgeous close up of the sunflower. Congratulations on “Wonderland”. Wish I could see the exhibition … Lots of pics on your blog, please!

    • will do Leslie!
      Ned was behind me in a deeper pool when I took that picture. The river is quite low right now, it’s been a very dry summer in Vancouver – quite unusual! and finding the deep pools ( border collie deep) is his priority these days.

  3. Congratulations on being accepted for the Wonderland exhibition would love to be able to see it. It certainly looks like you’ve settled down after your travels. Love the sunflowers and the tall ship.

  4. Those sunflowers are incredible! I’ve seen lots of photos of the Game of Thrones exhibit at the PNE, but your pics are the first I’ve heard of the yarn-bombing 🙂 Thanks for sharing that little bit of the Fair!

    Best of luck with the Wonderland opening. Looking forward to seeing photos!

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