in need of a kick start…

Oh it’s been a long time since I posted on this blog, but as I mentioned I’ve been in need of a kick-start.

Not because there hasn’t been much going on but maybe because too much has been going on. I’ve been traveling and teaching and going on about the “regular” things that make up my life. I’ve been to the UK,  Holland and Calgary, all exciting opportunities full of interesting people and events. It’s been fun and certainly there has been lots to blog about but I have been keeping myself to myself the last couple of months- not physically mind you! Just mentally.

I’m at a point in my creative journey where things are shifting. These “shifts” come along every now and then, when all the deadlines have been met and there is a bit of breathing room in the schedule. The best shifts in my thinking come when something (or someone!) gives me a little nudge.

Yesterday I met a “new” quilter- she describes herself as just beginning her creative quilting journey, but I think she is being too modest! It was wonderful to meet her and feel her enthusiasm for our shared passion. It reminded me just how much I love what I do.

And last week I painted a horse. No, not on canvas, I actually painted a horse!



This is the magnificent Astron allowing me to paint him with children’s face paint (non-toxic of course) . It was an amazing experience,  I didn’t know this was something I really needed to do! To feel the warmth and muscle structure of this gentle giant under the crayons was really profound.


I just hope his friends didn’t laugh at him when he rejoined the herd!

A group of pals and I were at Jandana Ranch on the banks of Pinantan Lake  just outside Kamloops in the interior of BC and it is beautiful.


The weather was so good we set up our dye tables outside with the most amazing view…


and a few looky loo’s as well!

So it’s with a refreshed sense of purpose I am back in the studio. I have written a list of goals and objectives, hung some new “stuff” up on the walls and am in the middle of a really good clean-up, my favourite way to re-boot!

And just in case I start to think too much, I will ask my new pal Johnny Cashmere give me a little nudge, but I’ll be sure to watch out for his horns!



Bye for now, Catherine



  1. Good to see what you’re up to. I love the horse painting! … was thinking about you this afternoon as we walked at Roderick Haig Brown Park … a gorgeous afternoon with nobody about 🙂

  2. Catherine, great to see what you are up to! Your ‘canvas’ is beautiful – and soooo patient!! 🙂 Looks like an amazing part of the country – perfect for rejuvenation. Did you get the chance to ride?
    Thanks for sharing! LJB

  3. What a treat to hear from you today. I enjoyed reading all about your travels and art work over the past few months. That’s such an unusual and great experience to have the opportunity to paint a horse. Looking forward to your next blog.

  4. What a wonderful way to kick start and share what you have been up to. I too have been needing a nudge…..hmmm think I’ll go find myself a horse. LOL! Looking forward to sharing your creative spirit in October at Sorrento.

  5. Thanks all, it was a very special treat to paint Astron and he is the most patient fellow ever to allow such shenanigans on his beautiful coat.
    Nope no riding Leslie, it would have been nice but too many “arty” things to do!
    I’m looking forward to Sorrento as well Renate… another beautiful contemplative place to be creative!

  6. What a beautiful pace to kick start a new journey. I’ve just spent far too much time browsing the site but i didn’t see any other painted horses!nWhat a patient canvas.

    Hope to see you at FOQ?

    • Hi Maggi, glad you enjoyed the site! it’s an amazing place to “get-away”.
      Ill be on the Mettler stand at Festival – hope you can come by for a visit!
      See you there, Catherine

  7. What fun! I am amazed at the gentle stillness of that stallion as you worked along his body with the crayons. He clearly trusted you to be equally gentle. 🙂

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