leaves in bundles ….

….in other words eco-printing, though I’m not sure if I really am eco-printing. I am using plant materials and following some of the “suggestions” made by some better known eco-dyers but after that it’s really just a bit of trail and error! OK a lot of trail and error and a load of experimenting!

My experiments so far have included eucalyptus, but also some local plants as well…this is “honesty” or Lunaria annua for those who like proper names. I loved the colour of these immature  seed-heads as they were about to be rolled.



I did lots of rolling and wrapping to create the bundles – no two the same! and then got things cooking.


I love the look of the bundles steaming away. I have always liked packages , things wrapped up and things with lids …I was sorely tempted to leave the steamed and cooled bundles just as they were.

(Sorry about the slightly fuzzy next few images, I was juggling the camera and wet bundles of fabric while wearing rubber gloves- never a good combination)



But eventually my curiosity got the better of me…


The seed-heads didn’t impart any colour to the fabric but it did make an amazing resist with lots of detail.



The fabric is a lovely semi sheer silk and the print is really pretty and quite transient on it. And yes! I do have some plans for it…. I’ll show you as soon as I can!

Bye for now, Catherine

PS- It rained here for a couple of days this weekend past and things are much better on the forest fire front.  Many thanks to all of you who did a rain dance with Vancouver in mind!

Were not out of the woods yet, the drought is now a stage 3 (there are only 4 stages and I don’t know what happens after that!) but the few cool days we had were lovely.



    • Hi Dianne, Hi Maggi, I had a piece of rusted iron in the pot as well as alum and onion skins. A bit of a hodge-podge combination but I like the results. Sorry, but I didn’t keep a record of the proportions I used- on surprise there!

  1. Absolutely beautiful results from a very intriguing process. How long did you leave the bundles bundled before boiling them?

    • Hi Suzanne, I popped the bundles into the pot right after bundling the fabric and plant stuff up. I did fish them out of the cooking pot after about 3 hours of simmering. I let the bundles sit for 2 or 3 days before I “unbundled” them. It was tough to wait! I really wanted to see how the fabrics looked, but in my reading it seems it’s better to wait!

  2. Gorgeous results. If the honesty seeds acted as a resist, what provided the colour in the fabric? Glad to hear that there’s been some respite for you. I hope that you get some more rain soon.

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