textures of land and sea….

is open! We celebrated the opening on Thursday night last week , many many thanks to all of you who made it out to join us.

Ned and I headed over to the big city on Wednesday morning to help out with the set-up, he makes a terrific back-seat ( way back!) driver.


We had a little fun, hammered a few nails …. and took loads of photo’s of the set-up! But it always looks better with the labels up, a bit of a clean up and some flowers on the table tops.


Just beside the front entrance….front and back….and along the window wall ….


it’s a smallish space but we managed to get a lot in! Anni’s and Julie’s pieces are on the plinths and Kaija, Michelle and I covered the walls.


Kaija’s beautiful piece hanging above some of Anni’s ethereal nests.


Michelle’s stunning work  and Julie’s delicate knitted pieces.


and my wall-hanging with one of Anni’s nests and 2 of Julie’s amazing woven baskets.


The show is on at Circle Craft Gallery 1666 Johnston Street, Granville Island Vancouver through June 4th. Hope you can see it in person!

Bye for now, Catherine



  1. So glad to be able to see your exhibit at The Circle Gallery. Beautiful work!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures, everything looks wonderful, but would love to see it all in person. If only I had a flying carpet!!!!! The piece you have included in the photos is fantastic. I have gone back to it again and again. IF only! Send more photos if you get the chance, I so appreciate getting them. Sending love, Edna.

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