weekend at Whistler

I had a great time this past weekend! The Whistler Valley Quilters Guild held their quilt show complete with workshops and merchant mall. I had the pleasure of delivering a Trunk show and talk on Saturday evening and teaching a workshop on Sunday.

The guild may be small in numbers but they sure can organize a wonderful event! I was so well taken care of – thanks to Gail, Marlene, Sue and the rest of the committee.

The talk was held in the Whistler library, a beautiful building in the Upper Village area. Lots of quilts got an airing…

Thanks to Anne, Gail, Sue and Lee for holding up what must have felt like an endless string of quilts. I had a chance to talk about all the things that inspire me, the work that has resulted and really enjoyed the questions from the audience. They got me thinking about allot of things….the way I work and the all important “why?”

I realized just how much I have to say about what I do and of course talked longer than I was supposed to!

After the talk there was a chance to mingle and get up close to the quilts in the entrance to the library and for me to keep talking!

…even with “someone” looking over my shoulder!

I caught up with email pal Madeleine from Australia who arrived in Canada just in time to come to Whistler for the show, talk and take the workshop! Thanks Madeleine…

Now for the confession… there are absolutely no images of the workshop! or at least there are none that I have taken. I was so busy, I completely forgot to take any! I did get the camera out in the morning but it sat untouched all day, sorry about that!

The workshop was “Drawn to Pen and Ink” and you’ll have to take my word for it , the students created some wonderful samples! Just to give you a little taste of what we were doing, here’s my Cherry Blossom quilt done with pen, ink and a little bit pf paint.

Thanks again to the Whistler Guild for such a warm welcome and to Gail and Jack for their hospitality!






  1. I had so wanted to go to Whistler for the show and workshops, but we were in the Okanagan for the weekend. I hear it all went over very nicely! Your Cherry Blossom quilt looks wonderful – I think this is a technique I am going to have to give a try!

  2. Looks like it was a very successful weekend and I am sure that everyone was delighted that you talked for longer than you were meant to. I love the quilt in the top photo and your Cherry Blossom piece.

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