what a great night!

We are half way through Festival  of Quilts, 2 days down and 2 to go.

Last night was the Fashion Show, actually it was called  Fashion sans Frontieres and was held at the Hilton Hotel just next door to the National Exhibition Center where Festival is held, just outside Birmingham.  The quilt show closed at 5:30 pm  and I scooted across the parking lots to catch up with Linda and Laura at the Hilton. They had been there for the dress rehearsal and were well along with their hair and makeup preparations by the time I arrived.

There were long tables set up back stage for hair and makeup and lots of garment racks set up around the room.  On the hangers there were some amazing dresses

and on the faces some even more fantastic makeup!

There was room to practice modelling  moves before heading out onto the runway and a great chance to get to know the other designers and models.

Linda and Laura did a brilliant job in designing and making their stunning garments and  they did the modelling as well! Both looked amazing on the catwalk. This is Linda modelling the day-wear garment and accessories,

and Laura  modelling evening wear.

There are more images of the show on Linda’s blog and there will be more next post. There is so much to see, I haven’t shown you the Art to Wear category and the finale  of the fashion show. And of course  there will be images of a few of my favourite quilts and exhibitions  from Festival.

Bye for now, Catherine




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