more fashion and Festival winners

I want to share a little bit more about the fashion show Thursday evening…

The last category of the night was “Art to Wear” and wow! the costumes were amazing, these two were  my favorites of the night, both from the UK team.

and Laura’s outfit of course, check out those eyelashes!

The show finished with a grand finale down the runway all the models together, or as many would fit at one time. The whole event was great fun ….

And the winner is…

This quilt won Best in Show and was made by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga and is called “Octopussy”. The fabrics are hand dyed cotton and silk and it is free motion quilted. Here’s a close up image  to see the details.

This stunning piece won the Pictorial Quilt category and is also made by Janneke, she must have had a very  busy year!

The miniature winner is this lovely quilt made by Kumiko Frydl, it’s barely 12″ square, hard to believe it could contain all that detail.

The winner of the Quilt Creations category was Stephanie Redfern for her wonderful book The Stone Bird. This is a section of just one of the many pages from the book.  There is more information about Stephanie on her blog along with a picture of her and the winning entry!

More images from the show next time…

Bye for now, Catherine



  1. Glad you enjoyed the show. It was lovely to meet you. Thank you for the picture of Stephanie’s book. There were always too many people round it for me to get close to it. A well deserved winner.

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