the last of Festival of Quilts…

Even though it seems to take forever to get ready for  and consumes thought and energy for months beforehand, it’s over in a flash! There is so much to see and do in the 4 days that it takes a week of posts to cover it all, or would if I was a more reliable blogger.

These are a few of my favorite entries from around the show…

This lovely rhino was made by Pam Holland he has blue toenails and the best smile I have ever seen on a rhino not that I have seen allot!

This cheerful quilt greeted me every morning as we headed to our stand to begin the day.

It’s all knitted ( with a bit of crochet tossed in) and made by Pauline Law of South Africa. Pauline  mentions she was inspired by the quilts of Gee’s Bend  and has won  a Judges Choice award for her quilt.

The eye-catching piece below is made by a former student of mine!  Herma de Ruiter was inspired by Chinese lanterns to make this quilt. It’s a perfect entry for the guild Challenge this year, the theme was Festival and  Herma won the European Award!

Congratulations Herma!

Marie Roper created this striking figure inspired by jesters and the circus…

There is so much to see at this show, you could spend days there and still miss exhibits, entries or vendors.  But by the end of  Sunday there isn’t much left….except the dreaded orange carpet and a bit of garbage!

Meanwhile back home in Vancouver, (I hear it’s been very warm! that figures since it’s cool and rainy here) Bart is enjoying trips to the river to cool down.

Thanks Ann! from both of us. I’m heading back home to Vancouver on Wednesday, I hope the warm weather will stick around till I get there.

bye for now, Catherine



  1. Looks as though both you and Bart are enjoying special time apart. Keep warm. It is cool here these past few days also. But then heating up again. Thanks for all of the eye candy in your blogs.

  2. A lovely selection of photos. I thought the rhino was great too. Congratulations on having a former student as a winner, it is a stunning piece of work. Cool and rainy – you are in the wrong part of the country, glorious in the East Midlands! Have a good journey home.

  3. Have survived a computer crash– thanks to Kyle. Have a good trip home. What a great shots
    of the quilts. Empty hall looked sad but I know it held tons of interesting stories. I look forward
    to seeing you at the quay–we’ll set time after jet lag. Hope that the plane trip is restful.
    I won the entree contest held here with my entry of Hearty Clam Chowder. What a
    surprise.They served it for dinner tonight. See you soon, Love, JM

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