hit the ground running….

Another whirlwind week has gone spinning by starting with a flight home to Vancouver.

I know this looks allot like an image I posted about a month ago, but really it’s the other end of the trip! This image was taken at Heathrow just waiting for my ride home. I’m back in Vancouver and a little behind with my blogging (and a few other things as well!) It’s  not much of an excuse but I hit the ground running!

This Saturday was the opening of the wonderful exhibit at Basic Inquiry Art Gallery that celebrates the amazing 30 plus year career of Peter Read. Anyone that has done life drawing for any period of time in Vancouver has probably drawn Peter. This group exhibit brought together artists inspired by Peter’s work as a life drawing model.

It was great to see so many drawings of Peters inspired poses. The show is on till the 14th of September if you’re in the Vancouver area.

And today I went to the PNE, that’s the Pacific National Exhibition if you’re not a Vancouverite, to visit an art installation by Elizabeth Harris Nichols ( no relation!)  Elizabeth is involved in Container Art at the PNE, who in partnership with Port Metro Vancouver,  have juried artists into containers. The actual artists aren’t in the containers …. but have created exhibitions in their containers working to the theme of the Port and daily life.

Elizabeth’s installation is titled All that is Golden  and is a visual record  of the grains and seeds  that start out life in Western Canada and make their way to the Ports of Vancouver for distribution world-wide.

Elizabeth and the Farmwurx team created the contents of the container including the center table. The table holds Elizabeth’s beautiful ceramic bowls filled with grain and seed and is surrounded by her paintings and Ally’s photography. It’s impossible not to run your hands through the bowls of gran!

It was great to see the visitors enjoying the exhibit, and since we were at the fair anyway we had to check out a few things….like lunch, yup we did!

and the rides, not a chance!

And a quick visit to the livestock barns on the way out to visit with this beautiful spotlessly clean white oxen.

Bye for now, Catherine


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  1. Glad you arrived back safely. It must have been fascinating to see, through the drawings, how he had changed over the 30 years. Love the idea of art in containers.

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