catching up…

It’s been a bit of a boring week! nothing really special has been happening just allot of catching up on bits and pieces that needed to be done. I’ve been putting together class plans for a few workshops this fall and catching up on email, a bit of a yawn after the past 2 whirlwind weeks of openings and events!

I did head back to the Seymour Art Gallery to do a photo shoot for the local paper, the North Shore News. They sent photographer Mike Wakefield, an amazing artist in his own right!, to meet Ros and I at the gallery. Mike has just got his website started up and wants to add more images but there are some stunning examples of his work there. (click on his name above) It was great fun and definitely not something I do everyday that’s for sure!

Here’s Mike getting Ros and I set up. Ros is back to back with one of her wonderful garments.

I’m not sure what the newspaper will choose as the final image for Fridays edition, hopefully something flattering to both of us!

Meanwhile back at home… the figs I was marveling at earlier in the year are ripe! and boy are they tasty. I have been eating them with cheese, cereal and right off the tree. It is amazing to me to be able to eat ripe figs right off my own tree ( OK, I confess, the neighbors tree as well) but I think I may have had the last of them!

The raccoons have discovered the ripe fruit and spent most of the last 2 nights tumbling around in the branches of the tree. They are the cutest little bandits you have ever seen! no pictures of course, its pitch black when they come to raid the trees.

It is a bit of a fruit festival here! Not to be outdone by the figs , the grapes are ripening. Apparently they are supposed to be “wine grapes” and not good for eating but I have tried a couple of them and think they are delicious!

Sorry about the dark images but it was quite gloomy crawling around under the grapevines. And it’s raining! well not proper Vancouver rain yet just showery and damp but still I could hear the forest and gardens breathing a sigh of relief this morning.

One of the best things about rainy days is the garden-guilt-free studio time!

Bye for now, Catherine





  1. Figs and grapes, I am so envious! Hummingbirds too I seem to remember. I do know what you mean about rain and studio time. It’s been a very dry summer here in sunny[ish] Birmingham and I can’t keep out of the garden. I shall miss it when the weather changes. Steph.

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