floating into fall…

Wow is it wet here!

The first official day of autumn starts tomorrow and we are experiencing our first heavy rainfall warning  in a long time.  For those of you who don’t live in a rainforest, a heavy rainfall warning gets issued by Environment Canada when they expect “significant precipitation”.  For my part of town that means about 50 to 70 millimeters  (2 to nearly 3 inches)  in about 24 hours! The weather has certainly brought a sudden end to summer.

These wonderful and well over 6 foot tall sunflowers are in my neighbor’s garden. They are doing their best to hold their giant heads up against the rain.

I know that taking photos in the pouring rain isn’t really the most ideal time for most people but I really enjoy some of the effects I get in the rain. Of course I have no control over where the water drops end up on the camera and really don’t know what I have shot till I get home and get the images on the computer, but every now and then I get a good one!

I’m sure proper photographers would have a fit about all the water on the camera lens ( it can’t be good for it!?) not to mention the soaking I take while trying to get underneath the flowers!  Of course there are those who love the cooler temperatures and rainy days…

and the giant almost wading pool size puddles (otherwise known as drinking bowls!) that appear all over the neighborhood.

Of course rainy days also mean days spent in the studio, not in the garden! But that will have to wait till tomorrow. I am off to a lecture tonight. The Maiwa Textile Symposium is in full swing here in Vancouver and I am attending a talk by Sheri Brautigam on  the Living Textiles of Mexico, sounds fascinating doesn’t it!?  A perfect way to spend a rainy Vancouver evening.

Bye for now, Catherine




  1. I really like the different textures that water on the lens creates. Why do animals feel the need to drunk water from outside? I have a cat who has two fresh water bowls every day and still drinks from a plant pot saucer which looks revolting with all its soggy vegetation.

  2. Hi Catherine!
    Love the photos with the water on the lens. 🙂 There’s probably an expensive lens you can buy to get that effect! You got it for free.
    I’ve always meant to ask what breed of dog Bart is? He reminds me of my Australian Labradoodle, but other photos make me think he’s not.
    I don’t comment often, and in case I haven’t shared this thought, I love your new blog.

    • Hi Sue,
      Glad you like the rainy day shots. There’s no shortage of rain when you live in a place like Vancouver! so I get lots of practice.
      Bart is a Bouveir de Flanders, there aren’t that many of them here but seem more “popular” in the Eastern part of Canada and Europe. They get used allot for guarding and police duties there. My Bart wouldn’t be good at either, he’s a big mush!
      Thanks so much for your comment Sue!
      Cathrine and Bart (woof)

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